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Newfields is proud of its all-volunteer Fire & Rescue Squads. The officials of our Fire Department are:

Jeffrey Buxton, Chief 

Ray P. Buxton, Jr., Assistant Chief and Forest Fire Warden

Christine Wilson, Captain of Rescue Squad

If you have any questions or would like to join the Fire or Rescue Squads please call Jeff or Ray Buxton.  Currently, the Fire Department is looking for new volunteer recruits.  


Burn Permits/Forestry Wardens

Brush burning is permitted in Newfields with a permit. You must contact one of the following forest fire wardens in advance to obtain a burn permit:

Ray Buxton            772-5641              

Jeff Buxton             772-3578

Scott Buxton          772-5825

Tom Conner           778-7723

Jeff Feenstra          778-9369

Brian Knipstein    772-5288

Burn permits will only be issued when the risk of fire hazard is at its lowest level, usually when rain has fallen for several days or the ground is frozen and snow-covered.

Oil Burning Equipment

The installation of Oil Burning Equipment is governed by the State of New Hampshire; the permit application is available through the Town Offices during regular business hours. This permit must be signed by the Fire Chief or his Designee prior to installation.


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