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The Newfields Town Alarm Ordinance

    820 Alarms: Business, Residence, Burglary, Fire, Medical Emergency Alarm Device or         System


             820.1 Definitions:

                        a. Alarm System: Any assembly of equipment and devices, arranged to signal the presence of a hazard requiring the urgent attention and to which public safety personnel and equipment are expected to respond. This shall include any alarm system or device connected to the Town of Newfields/Newmarket.

                                     b. False Alarm: The activation of an alarm system through mechanical failure, accidental tripping, malfunction or misuse of the owner or lessee of an alarm system, or his employees or agents. A conclusive presumption shall be made that a false alarm occurred upon the failure of the responding town agency to find any evidence of a legitimate cause for activation. False alarms shall not include alarms caused by severe weather conditions, power outages, malfunction of telephone circuits or other external causes beyond the control of the owner or lessee of the alarm system.

                    820.2 Standards:

                                    All fire alarms installed in the Town of Newfields shall conform to the standards set forth in the following publications:

NFPA 101

Fire Prevention Code

NFPA 72, 73

Governing Master Box and Alarm System Installation

                     820.3 Direct Dial Alarm Systems:

                                    Direct Dial Alarm Systems (which automatically seize a business Newmarket/Newfields telephone line) shall not be installed   within the two towns. Direct Dial Alarms may only seize a dedicated alarm line.

                     820.4 External Audible Alarms:

                         External audible alarm devices shall have an automatic cut-off of no more than ten (10) minutes.

                     820.5 Required Information:

                                      Alarm owners and/or contractors must provide at least the following information prior to the alarm system becoming operational. Alarm owners shall provide to the Town on an as needed basis current updated information.

                                      a. Name, exact address, and phone number of alarm site;

                                       b. Directions or map and exact location of building (s);

                                       c. A minimum of three (3) persons who may be contacted in event of an emergency and have the ability to gain entry into the building and reset the alarm.

                       820.6 False Alarms:

                                        Any individual, firm or corporation who causes, or attempts to cause, a false alarm through the use of alarm-reporting equipment shall be assessed a penalty of $100.00. RSA 644:3 shall supersede this section when fire alarms are involved.

                        820.7 Appeals:

                           Any false alarm, fee or other action taken may be appealed to the Board of Selectmen or their designee.

                         820.8 Penalties:

                                         No part of this ordinance shall supersede RSA 644:3

                                          a. Violations of section 820.1 (more then three false alarms at any one alarm site during a calendar year) shall be as follows: 4-6 activations: $25.00 each, 7-9 activations: $50.00 each, Each activation in excess of 9 $100.00 each

                                           b. Violation of section 820.3 (Direct Dial Alarms) shall be $100.00 per activation.

                                           c. Violation of section 820.4 (External Audible Alarms) shall be $25.00 per activation.

                                           d. Violation of section 820.5 (Required Information) shall be $25.00 per activation.







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