The Town of Newfields is governed by a Board of Selectmen comprised of three elected board members.  Members of the Board of Selectmen serve a three year-term and are staggered with one member elected each year.

The Board of Selectmen serve the community as the towns governing body. Under New Hampshire Revised Statute Annotated (RSA), Chapter 41 Choice and Duties of Town Officers; Selectmen; Section 41:8 in addition to a host of specific statutory duties, the Board of Selectmen's duty is to "manage the prudential affairs of the town and perform duties by law prescribed."  Authority rests with the board acting as a whole.  All actions taken by the Selectmen must be voted on by a majority of the board at a public meeting that complies with the Right to Know Law (RSA Chapter 91-A).


The Board of Selectmen oversee the annual deliberative session in which budgets, warrant articles and citizen petitions are discussed.  In an effort to maintain community relations, community involvement and to constantly improve opportunities for collaboration, each member of the Board of Selectmen also serves as a Committee Representative on such committes as the Planning Board, Zoning Board, Conservation Commission, Budget Committee.


The Newfields Board of Selectmen:

  • Actively seek opportunities to work with the leadership of other communities on ideas that may conserve natural and financial resources
  • Actively seek opportunities to work with its community members in an effort to continually enhance the quality of life in our community
  • Actively seek opportunities to promote the health and safety of Newfields residents while preserving and protecting the natural resources of the town
  • Foster high standards of public service and effective cooperation among town employees by providing a supportive work environment and competitive compensation, by recognizing excellent performance and being responsive to the needs and interest of town employees.

Through example and expression of it's own commitment, the Newfields Board of Selectmen encourage and expect that all services will be delivered courteously and at a high level of commitment to its residents.  The services provided must enhance the quality of life for the residents of our community. Residents are encouraged to attend a Newfields Board of Selectmen public meeting.  Meetings are held on Tuesday Evenings at 7 PM *unless otherwise noted in the lower half of the Town Hall.  To contact a member of the Newfields Board of Selectmen please call (603) 772-5070 or email one of the following.


Christopher M. Hutchins-Chairman

Term Expires March 2020

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James Thompson-Selectman

Term Expires March 2018

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Michael Sununu-Selectman

Term Expires March 2019

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